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Bulk Download and Print Resumes

Whether you are evaluating candidates in a large group or need to do some application reviews mid-flight, you can quickly compile and print multiple candidate resumes in one PDF and access them whenever and wherever you need them.  

To start, navigate to the Candidates tab from your Dashboard. If necessary, use the left-hand panel to filter your candidates (i.e. Job, Stage in hiring process). When ready, click on Bulk Actions.


Choose the candidates whose resumes you would like to print by clicking on the checkbox beside the name of the candidate (or Select All if there are less than 30 candidates in your filtered candidate pool). You can only bulk print 30 resumes at a time, so you may need to go through these steps a few times to get all the resumes you want.

Once your desired candidates are selected, click on Edit Selected.


From the bulk action page, click on Get Resumes under the Action header. All of the resumes from your selected group will be compiled into a single document and emailed to you!


The email may take a couple minutes to process if you're dealing with a large number of resumes, but rest assured it's on the way! Candidates without resumes will be listed in the body of your email for reference, but all the rest will be neatly fused into one PDF that can be emailed, printed, or loaded up on a device for reviewing on the go!