Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

A great job description is a key element to hiring the best candidate.

The job post conversion report helps your organization determine if your job descriptions are selling your positions successfully, or if they might need some work to attract the right candidates.

A high conversion rate might indicate your descriptions are too generic, while a low conversion rate could suggest your descriptions are intimidating or otherwise unappealing to candidates. The job post conversion report allows you to A / B test over time to craft the perfect message and maximize the number of qualified candidates who apply.

Note: If your organization currently is using an API-driven job board (options 4 or 5), the job post conversion report will not work for your organization. This report tracks views and conversion only for Greenhouse-hosted job boards and posts (job board options 1–3).

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Job post conversion report

To generate a job post conversion report, click the Ellipsis icon Icon_-_Ellipsis.png on your navigation bar, and then select Reports from the dropdown menu.


From the Reports Overview page, click Essential Reports.


Scroll to the Learn from Past Recruiting Efforts section and click Job Post Conversion.


Note: The job post conversion report will display information for all jobs where you have appropriate access.


This report displays data only for candidates who applied directly from one of your organization's job posts. Any manually added referrals or candidates, or candidates added through other means (such as LinkedIn Limited Listings) will not be counted in this report.

Job post conversion report filters

Select Filters and more to adjust the filters on your report.

The job post conversion report can be filtered by Jobs and Activity Date, which is the date the candidate viewed the page or applied to the job.

Note: By default, the Activity Date for the report is set to current year.

Filtering by Open Jobs will show you only jobs which are open currently, and not jobs which were open during a specific date range. For example, setting the Activity Date filter to December 2020 and filtering by Open Jobs won't return results for a job that was open in December 2020 but is closed now.

Click Apply to regenerate the report with your filters.