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How do I add Greenhouse users in bulk from Excel?

Ready to unleash Greenhouse on your whole company? Don't want to waste time formatting and uploading email addresses over and over? With our new Bulk Import tool, you can add new users faster than ever!

To start, head to the Configure > Users page and click + New Users. The comma-separated list of email addresses is now capped at 50 users, so Excel is the way to go if you're adding more than that at once. Click the Bulk Import radio button to switch to spreadsheet upload mode.

From there, you can download a sample spreadsheet that includes first name, last name, and email addresses for each of your new users. Choose the permissions for this group of users and save, then sit back while their accounts are created in the background. You'll receive an email once the upload is complete that summarizes the users who were created and calls out any errors that may have occurred with invalid columns or email addresses.