Permissions: Job Admin who can invite new users to Greenhouse and reactivate deactivated users

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

If your organization is uploading a large number of new users to your Greenhouse Recruiting account (e.g., you may be rolling out the product to the entire company), use the bulk import tool to save time and energy. Rather than entering and formatting email addresses individually, your organization can upload a single spreadsheet with the information when creating new users.

Note: Inputting individual email addresses via the comma-separated list is capped at 50 email addresses.

To add new users in bulk, click the Configure icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Users from the left-hand panel.


On the All Users page, click + New Users.


On the Add New Users page, select the radio button next to Bulk Import.


Greenhouse Recruiting provides your organization with a downloadable spreadsheet file to organize the emails for new users. Additionally, you can use the spreadsheet to include the First Name, Last Name, and Employee ID (if enabled) to each upload user.

Note: Invalid email addresses or Employee IDs will be skipped. Once the bulk import is complete, we will email you if any users were not added.

Click Upload Spreadsheet to attach your configured list of users.


If all the users uploaded in this batch will belong to a specific interviewer group (e.g., users who are designated to conduct Culture Add interviews), use the Add interviewer tags dropdown menu to apply any of those Interviewer Tags to this batch of users.


Use the Set permissions section to select whether the added user(s) will be added with Basic, Job Admin, or Site Admin permissions.

Note: You can only assign permission levels equal to or less than your current permission level (i.e., a user with Job Admin permission levels cannot assign new users to the Site Admin permission level).


When finished, decide whether these new users will receive an invitation email. If enabled, Greenhouse Recruiting will send an email to the listed email addresses. This email can be used by the new user to configure their account.

If the Send invitation email option is not enabled, Greenhouse Recruiting will not send an invitation email. There are available options resend the invitation email to one or more users.

Click Save when finished.