Note: Essential customers will have bulk import for the first 90 days of their subscription. After 90 days, bulk import will be deactivated. Advanced and Expert tier customers have full access to bulk importing prospects.

Greenhouse Recruiting's Bulk Import feature allows your organization to add multiple prospects into your account from an external spreadsheet.

Note: Prospects for jobs configured to comply with GDPR will automatically be emailed GDPR information after being imported.

Download import template

Click the Configure icon Configure.png in the upper-right corner and navigate to Bulk Import on the left panel.


Select Begin Prospect Import.


Rather than format a spreadsheet yourself, we've created a spreadsheet template to help you get started. Click Download Import Template to download a copy of the template to your computer.


Complete the template with the prospects in your organization.


Upload the template

When you have finished editing the template, click Upload Spreadsheet and choose the file on your computer.


Match the Greenhouse Fields on the left side of the page to the equivalent column on your spreadsheet. 


The following default fields can be mapped to the spreadsheet. Custom fields can be mapped to prospects later in the process.

First Name Phone Job
Last Name Social Media Department
Company Website Office
Title Address Prospect Pool (CRM only)
Notes Source Prospect Stage (CRM only)
Email Who gets credit  

If you do not want to map a field, select the X icon in the dropdown menu.


When you're finished, select Verify Spreadsheet Data at the bottom of the page.

Note: If you need to save your progress on the import, click the X icon in the top-right corner of the page. The import will display as Incomplete on the Previous Imports table. You can finish your import by opening the Bulk Import page and clicking Finish Import



Sources, who gets credit, and job fields

When bulk importing candidates, you can assign a specific user to the Source, Who gets credit, and Job fields. These fields can only be mapped if you are a Job Admin (or above) for the specific job that is being imported.


Import custom fields

Any unused column headers from the default fields can be applied to a candidate custom fields in your organization. Custom Application fields must be marked as Prospect to appear in this list.

In order to be imported, the text in the import spreadsheet must match the Field Type selected on the custom field.

Example: If a custom candidate Field Type is set to "Number," you can only import data that contains numbers. Text versions of numbers (like "three" instead of "3") will not match and will generate an error. 

When you're finished, select Verify to continue the import.  

Note: All bulk imported prospects will be automatically assigned a custom tag with the time and date of the import.



Auto-Merge for bulk imported prospects

If the Auto-Merge feature is enabled for your organization, prospects added through Bulk Import are automatically checked during the import. If Greenhouse Recruiting finds a candidate with a matching email address, the added prospect will be merged with the existing profile. Both the prospect's prospect application and the candidate's job application are listed under the import tag.

Note: If the source for a prospect added through bulk import is Referral or a specific agency, the imported prospect will not be merged, even if it otherwise meets Auto-Merge conditions. The profiles for both the imported prospect and the original prospect will display a potential duplicate alert, and your team can merge the profiles manually if appropriate. Click here to learn more about cases where Greenhouse Recruiting will not Auto-Merge.