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What is the Candidate Survey feature?

The Candidate Survey feature allows you to configure a short survey to be sent to candidates after they've exited your hiring process.  The feedback you capture will give you valuable insight into the other side of your interviews.  To ensure candidate anonymity and accurate data, the survey is sent by Greenhouse on behalf of your organization. 

By collecting consistent data and actual quotes from candidates, it's possible to point to real evidence that shows how resistance to participation in the hiring process is holding the organization back from being awesome at hiring. 


Users with Site Admin permissions can configure the candidate survey via the Configure tab.  Configuration includes:

  • Selecting the Departments and Offices that should receive the survey
  • Selecting the stage(s) that candidates need to have reached to be sent a survey
  • Selecting how many weeks after exiting the interview process candidates should be sent the survey

Candidates will not be sent a survey if:

  • They have received a survey in the past 6 months from another application.
  • They are still an active candidate on another job in Greenhouse.
  • "Do not email" has been marked on the candidate's profile page


Email Sent to Candidates

SUBJECT: We want to know what you think


You recently interviewed with {{COMPANY_NAME}} and they want to make sure you had a great experience.  So they've hired us to ask you for some honest, anonymous feedback about your interview experience.

Please take a moment to give us your feedback and what you think could be improved about the process.

[click here to take the survey]




Candidate Survey Questions

For each question, candidates have the option to select Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, or Strongly Agree.  They can also add a comment.  The questions are as follows:

  1. Overall, my interviewing experience was a positive one.
  2. My interview(s) started on time.
  3. The position was clearly explained to me.
  4. The people who interviewed me were well-prepared and conducted the interviews skillfully.
  5. The interviewer(s) got an accurate sense of my strengths and weaknesses.
  6. I was treated with courtesy and respect.
  7. Overall, I found the interview process to be challenging.
  8. Overall, I have a more positive impression of the company having gone through their recruiting process.
  9. Is there anything you wish the company had done differently?



Via the Reports tab, users with Job or Site Admin permissions can review the results, including how many surveys were sent, how many were completed, and how many were sent with no reply.  Because the candidate survey questions are standard for all customers, you will be able to compare the results against the average of all of our customers.  Results can be filtered by Office and Department, and they can be exported to Excel.



Can the copy of the email or the survey questions be edited?

To allow for comparison against the Greenhouse average, the email that candidates receive and the survey questions are standard and cannot be edited.

Can I cancel a pending survey?

Yes.  By individual candidate, you will be able to cancel a pending survey.

Will hired candidates receive surveys?

Yes.  The survey will be sent to candidates after they've exited the interview process, which includes both rejected and hired candidates. 

Other questions?

Leave a comment below, and we'll make sure to build out additional FAQs!