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Configure Candidate Survey


The Candidate Survey feature allows your organization to configure a short survey that will be sent to candidates after they have exited your hiring process. Feedback captured in the Candidate Survey provides valuable insight into how candidates are experiencing your interview pipeline. In this article, we will cover how to enable and configure Candidate Survey's for your organization.

Note: To ensure candidate anonymity and accurate data, the survey is sent by Greenhouse on behalf of your organization. 


Configure Candidate Survey

To enable and configure Candidate Surveys for your organization, click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and navigate to Candidate Survey on the left-hand panel. 


From the Candidate Survey page, navigate to the topmost panel and toggle the button to ON.


Candidate Surveys are now enabled for your organization. Click Configure to configure the details of the Candidate Survey.

From the subsequent dialog box, use the provided fields to select which offices and departments should receive the survey. Alternatively, click All Offices and/or All Departments to select all options in the respective fields. 


When finished, click Next.

Select the stage(s) that candidates need to reach in order to be sent a survey. Only candidates who have entered the selected stage will be sent a Candidate Survey. 


In the above example, any candidates who exited the interview pipeline prior to the Offer stage will not receive a Candidate Survey.

When finished, click Next.

From the subsequent dialog box, select how many days (or weeks) after a candidate is rejected or hired should the Candidate Survey be sent out. 


When finished, click Save Settings

Candidates will not be sent a survey if:

  • They have received a survey in the past 6 months from another application.
  • They are still an active candidate on another job in Greenhouse.
  • Do not email has been marked on the candidate's profile page.

For more information about how candidates are notified of a pending Candidate Survey, the questions asked, etc...Visit our resources below: