Choose survey recipients by office, department, and stage

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You can select who you want the candidate survey to be sent to based on office, department, and what stage the candidate completed before exiting the interview process. You can also define when the survey invitation is sent to the candidate.

This article is about defining your survey audience. For information on the survey email candidates receive, click here.

Choose survey recipients by office, department, and stage

To choose who receives the survey, navigate to the Candidate survey page (Configure > Candidate survey). Click Edit survey settings.

Candidate survey page with an orange box around Edit settings.png

In the window that appears, you can customize your survey audience using the following dropdown menus for office, department, and stage.

Office and Department

Candidates receive a survey based on the office or department the job opening is based in.

Note: If you select both an office and department, a candidate must be in both the office and the department in order to receive the survey.

Select the office(s) and/or department(s) you want to include in your survey audience. 

Survey settings page with an orange box around the office and department fields.png

Tip: When choosing which offices and departments to include, consider your survey audience and their location. For example, if your survey is in English, you may not want include offices in locations where English isn't spoken.


Select the stage(s) that candidates need to reach in order to be sent a survey. Only candidates who have entered the selected stages are sent the survey.

Settings page with an orange box around the Stages section.png

Note: Available stages are determined by the Office(s) and Department(s) you choose. 

A stage must appear in the interview plan of every job in your selected Office and Department for it to appear as an option on this page.

When to send

When to send defines when the survey is sent based on when the candidate is hired or rejected. You can select from a range between 1 day days to 4 weeks.

For more information on the survey email, visit Customize the candidate survey email.

Candidates excluded from a survey

A candidate won't be sent a survey if they meet any of the following criteria when they are hired or rejected from a job:

  • The candidate has received a survey from your organization within the past 6 months.
  • They are still an active candidate for another job in your organization.
  • The candidate has Do not email selected on their profile.

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