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How do I edit multiple scorecards at once across jobs?

As you work to refine your hiring process over time, you'll likely find that each department tends to look for a common set of skills and traits in its ideal candidates.  As well, you'll likely define a set of common traits that you're looking for in all candidates across the organization. To ensure that scorecards are aligned within departments and across the company, you'll want to update existing scorecards across jobs.  No problem!  To do that, just take the following steps:

On the Jobs dashboard, click on the Bulk Actions button.


Select the individual jobs you'd like to edit, or select all of them. Once you've made your selections, click Edit: Scorecards


If you'd like to edit an existing attribute, put your cursor over the attribute until the menu icon appears. You'll notice that on each attribute, you can see on how many of the selected jobs that attribute currently appears.  Categories and individual attributes that are already on all of the selected jobs will be highlighted in green.  

Keep in mind that if the category isn't on all of the selected jobs, none of the individual attributes within that category can be on all jobs. Click the menu icon (...) to view the options to edit.

 From there, click Add to All or Remove from All.


To add a new attribute to the selected jobs, enter the attribute into the field at the top of the appropriate category, then click the + button.

 You can also add new categories and edit existing categories.


When you're done making changes, be sure to click the Save Changes button.