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Edit Scorecards in Bulk


As your organization refines its hiring process over time, it is likely that two common themes emerge:

  1. Each department tends to seek out a common set of skills and traits in its ideal candidates
  2. Your organization defines a set of common traits that you are looking for across the organization

To ensure scorecards are aligned within each department and/or across the entire company, your organization can edit scorecards across multiple jobs simultaneously using the bulk edit feature. In this article, we will cover how to edit scorecards in bulk to sync the recruiting criteria a department and/or organization is repeatedly searching for in an ideal candidate.

To edit scorecards across multiple jobs, click All Jobs on your navigation bar.


Navigate to the list of jobs and select which jobs will be included in the bulk action by clicking the checkbox to the left of the job name.

When finished, click Edit: Scorecards.


From the subsequent page, you can perform the following actions across all the jobs include in the scorecard bulk edit:

Note: Categories and attributes that are included already on all scorecards selected in the bulk edit will be highlighted in grey. Additionally, categories and attributes will include a reference to how many jobs included in the bulk edit already have the item in their scorecard.

When you have finished editing the scorecards for all the jobs included in the bulk edit, click Save Changes.



Add/Remove Scorecard Category 

To add new scorecard category for all jobs included in the bulk edit, navigate down the Bulk Edit Scorecard page and click Add a Category.


Use the subsequent dialog box, to give the scorecard category a name. When finished, click Create.

The category will be added to all scorecards for jobs included in the bulk edit.


To remove a scorecard category for all jobs included in the bulk edit, hover over the name of a category and click the ellipsis icon.


From the provided dropdown menu, click Remove from all.


Add New Scorecard Attribute

To add a new attribute that does not exist on any of the scorecards included in the bulk edit, navigate to a category and input the name of the attribute in the space provided at the top of the column.

When finished, click + to add the scorecard attribute.



Add Existing Scorecard Attribute

If a scorecard attribute only exists for some jobs included in the bulk edit and you would like to add the attribute to all jobs included in the bulk edit, hover over the name of the attribute and click the ellipsis icon.


Select Add to All from dropdown menu.



Remove Existing Scorecard Attribute 

To remove a scorecard attribute from all jobs included in the bulk edit, hover over the name of the attribute and click the ellipsis icon.


Select Remove from All from dropdown menu.