Permissions: Site Admin

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Apply with LinkedIn allows candidates to import their personal information from their LinkedIn profiles when applying for a job on your company's job board. This helps them auto-fill fields and creates an easier job application experience.

Note: This feature is available only for organizations that have a Recruiter Corporate or Recruiter Professional Services account. This feature isn't available to organizations that have a Recruiter Lite account.

Note: Greenhouse Recruiting Apply with LinkedIn is not available for 100% API-driven job boards.

Enable Apply with LinkedIn

To enable Apply with LinkedIn for your organization, log in to Greenhouse Recruiting and click Integrations on your navigation bar.

Integrations button highlighted by a marigold emphasis box

Search for and click LinkedIn integrations.


The LinkedIn integration setup will appear.

Choose your contract from the list and click Continue.

Continue_Button_highlighted_in_marigold (1).png

Click Choose package.

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration options with Choose package button highlighted in marigold emphasis box

Select the checkbox for the Apply Package and Apply with LinkedIn.

Apply Package selected on LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect integration

When finished, click Save Changes at the top.

Add Apply with LinkedIn to your job board

Once the Apply with LinkedIn feature is enabled for your organization, you can configure a LinkedIn integration for your job board.

To add Apply with LinkedIn to a job board, click the Configure icon on your navigation bar, and then click Job Boards on the left.

Marigold emphasis box around Job Boards and Posts button

Locate your job board and click the Ellipsis icon beside it.

Select Edit Board Settings from the dropdown.

The job board's Edit Board Settings button is highlighted by marigold emphasis box

Scroll to Allow candidates to Apply with LinkedIn.

Click Yes.

The job board setting shows Allow candidates to apply with LinkedIn option set to yes

When finished, click Save.

The Apply with LinkedIn feature will be added to all job posts on the job board.


The job post for an example job named Customer Success Manager shows an Apply with LinkedIn button highlighted in marigold

When a candidate clicks Apply with LinkedIn, they'll be asked to sign into their LinkedIn profile. A disclaimer will note that their full LinkedIn profile will be shared with their application.

Apply with LinkedIn button shows that the applicant's full LinkedIn profile will be shared with their application

The candidate can then finish applying as normal.

Note: If a candidate clicks Apply with LinkedIn on a job that's been posted to LinkedIn using a paid job slot, but doesn't submit their application, LinkedIn will record the applicant as an Apply Starter in LinkedIn Recruiter so you can reach out to them proactively.