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How does the Take Home Test stage work?

The Take Home Test stage allows you to build an assignment into your Interview Plan and efficiently manage the associated tasks.  Candidates in the Take Home Test stage will reflect the status of the assignment:

  • To Be Sent
  • Waiting
  • To Be Graded

The workflow is as easy as:

Sending the test

In the process of adding the Take Home Test stage to an Interview Plan, you will create the email template that includes the instructions for completing the assignment.  When candidates are moved into the Take Home Test stage, you simply need to click Send Test to review and send the instructions.  Take Home Tests can be sent to candidates individually or in bulk.

Collecting the test

The email to candidates includes a link to a page where candidates can directly upload their completed tests.  Alternatively, you can choose not to include the upload link and instead provide your own instructions for test submission.  

Grading the test

Designated graders receive email notifications when candidates submit their tests.  As with interviews, graders use scorecards to evaluate submitted tests.  Grading guidelines can be established for reference so that tests can be graded consistently across candidates.

Ready to give it a try?  Click here for detailed instructions.