Can I/how do I customize the style of my job application pages?

No matter which integration method you employ, you have the option to customize the text and design to match your brand. To do this, you'll create a custom CSS file, host it on your site, and tell us where we should look for the file on the Configure Job Board page.

Note: If you are unable to host your own CSS file, you can also upload a custom CSS file manually and we can host it for you. 

Click here  for detailed instructions

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    John Zygmunt

    We have specified a custom stylesheet, but the font we're using doesn't load. Our site uses a Google Font called Nunito. For some reason it doesn't load once we integrate your job descriptions and job application form hosted on our site. We are using integration option #4. How can we get our Google Font to load? Right now the page is defaulting to Times New Roman.

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    Jean Walters

    Hi John!

    I see that you ended up submitting a support ticket and that Tom helped answer your question. If you need anything else, just let us know!

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