After I've hired someone, how do I make sure that they and their colleagues can no longer see anything about them (e.g., interview notes)?

There is a permission policy that you can set up so that all hired candidates are automatically marked as Private under Configure > Permission Policies > Make all hired candidates private by default


Users with Site Admin permissions who have been granted the optional "Can create and view private candidates" permission can also go to the candidate's profile and mark them as "Private." They'll stay in the system for reporting purposes, but only users with these specific Site Admin permissions will be able to see their profile, interview notes, etc. (For those with a Standard subscription and permissions configuration enabled, job admins could also have this user specific permission)


To mark a candidate as Private, you can check the box Make Private on the sidebar under the candidate's profile. 



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    Ali Winston

    What if the person hired is on the HR team and will be a Site Admin? Should we delete People Operations roles entirely after hires are made?

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    Jeffrey Swartwout

    Hi Ali,

    Will they be a site admin with the advanced permission "Can create and view private candidates"?

    If so, the best practice here is to export their scorecards and copy/paste any other sensitive information to external documents and then delete all that information from their Greenhouse candidate profile. They will still have access to their profile, but they won't be able to see the things that you scraped.


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    Ali Winston

    I can check on that but I think they would have that permission. Can an entire req be marked as private or is it candidate specific?


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    Jeffrey Swartwout

    An entire req can be made confidential only when it's initially being created. You can't change a preexisting job from public -> confidential. I recommend making the candidate private if the user won't have the private candidate access advanced permission or if they will have that permission, take the above steps!

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