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Permission Policy: Make All Hired Candidates Private By Default


The permission policy Make all hired candidates private by default helps keep your newest hires' data private by limiting the users who can access their profiles. This ensures interview feedback and Activity Feed notes can be viewed only by users with permission to create and view private candidates.

Note: To prevent an employee from viewing feedback associated with their own interview process, we recommend linking the employee's Greenhouse Recruiting user account with their candidate profile. A user can never access any information on a candidate profile that is linked to their own Greenhouse Recruiting user account. You can learn more about how to do this here.  

In this article, we will cover how to: 


Enable the Make All Hired Candidates Private By Default Permission Policy

To enable the Make all hired candidates private by default permission policy, navigate to the Configure icon configure.png, then click Permission Policies on the left-hand side. 


Select Make all hired candidates private by default so a check is in the box. 


Moving forward, the Make candidate private? field in the Offer Accepted dialog box will be set to Yes by default. 



Mark Individual Candidates As Private

Candidate profiles also can be marked as private before (or after) an offer is created. This is useful for previously hired candidates, or candidates whose profiles might be sensitive for other reasons. 

Site Admins with the user-specific permission Can create and view private candidates, and Job Admins with the Can create and view private candidates / prospects permission stripe, can mark individual candidates as private. Candidates marked as private will be included in reports run by any user, but only users with the previously mentioned permissions will be able to access those candidates' profiles. 

To mark an individual candidate as private, a user with the previously mentioned permissions can navigate to the candidate's profile, then locate to the Tools section on the right-hand side of the page. 


Click the box next to Make Private so a check is in the box, and the candidate's profile will be made private.