Permissions: Job Admin and above who can manage CRM and prospects

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

As you look to fill a role during your hiring process, it’s important to distinguish between working with candidates vs. prospects. Greenhouse provides a number of special capabilities to help you manage and distinguish between the two during your hiring efforts.

A candidate is someone who has entered your interview process by either submitting an application or interviewing for a specific role at your company; whereas, a  prospect is someone who has not applied to a specific role, nor are they currently interviewing with your company. These are individuals you search for deliverability or past candidates you'd like to follow up with on a different role. 

With prospects, you can track email communications and work within their prospect profile, but they don't appear in the interview pipeline. Once a prospect has been encouraged to apply, their profile can easily be converted to a candidate and moved through the interview pipeline.

Review the following resources on managing and engaging with prospects in your Greenhouse CRM: