If you come across someone who looks like a potential fit for your organization but they haven't yet applied for a job, choose to add them as a prospect.  

With prospects, you track email communications and enter notes as normal, but they do not show up in the interview pipeline. Once a prospect has been encouraged to apply, their profile can easily updated as a candidate and moved into the interview pipeline.

View your prospects

You can view the current status of your prospects under the CRM section of Greenhouse Recruiting. 


Add a new prospect

You can mark a candidate as a prospect by selecting the Prospect tab on the Add a Candidate page.


When you define a a prospect, you'll have to define the prospect pool and stage for their profile. Click here for more information on pools and stages.

The prospect profile

When you view a prospect's profile, it contains identical information to a candidate's profile. However, there are some additional prospect-specific features that can be used to track your talent.

Prospect source

When an individual is a prospect, the prospect source and who gets credit will display in their prospect profile.



Touchpoints mark a specific communication with a prospect, such as an email or phone call. These touchpoints are logged in the Activity Log so you can be updated on the prospect's progress.

You can log a new touchpoint by selecting Add Touchpoint.


When you log a touchpoint, you can also update the prospect's stage or pool. 


Touchpoints logged automatically in two cases:

  • When a prospect is sent an email directly from inside Greenhouse Recruiting
  • When an email is sent to a prospect an is added in the BCC line

When a touchpoint is logged automatically, it will also be added to the activity log. 

Change prospect status

When an individual is ready to apply for the job, you can convert them to a candidate from their prospect profile.


If you want to remove the prospect from your pool, select Stop Considering as a Prospect to remove them from the current pool.