Convert rejected candidates to prospects in bulk


The sad fact of the matter is that you'll sometimes have to say no to excellent candidates for one reason or another. Maybe you don't have a job for them right now, maybe they feel locked in at their current position for a few more months, or maybe they need to take some time off to travel the globe. Whatever the reason, you can now easily convert those rejected candidates to prospects all at once to ensure you don't lose track of them later!

To start, click on the Candidates tab from your Dashboard. Navigate to the Application Type header in the left-hand column and filter by Candidates Only.


Navigate down the left-hand panel to the Status filter under the Profile Details header and filter by Rejected


When the filters have been applied, click on Bulk Actions and select your rejected candidates from your filtered list. 


When you have finished, click Edit Selected.


In the Bulk Action dialog box, click Start New Prospect Process. 


From there, choose the jobs, offices, or departments you want to add these prospects to, then click Start New Prospect Process! They'll be converted in the background and can be considered for your future opportunities!