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How do I set up a new job?

From the All Jobs Dashboard, click the + New Job button, which is located toward the top of the page on the right. Only users with the permissions for Can create new jobs and request job approvals will be able to create a new job.
If you've created jobs in the past and want to start with an existing hiring plan (i.e. Candidate Scorecard, Interview Plan, and Job Post), click Copy from an existing job. From there, click through each step in the job creation process to review the setup and make changes where necessary.
If you are just getting started with Greenhouse, choose Sample Template from our list, and then follow the prompts to customize the Job Name & Info, Candidate Scorecard, Interview Plan, and Sourcing Plan. Keep in mind that this templates are only there to help you get started and won't have any impact on how the job will display externally. 
After you create at least one job, you will be able to choose the Copy from an existing job option going forward.

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