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Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

The internal job board is where you can post jobs for your employees to see. You can customize your board’s settings to suit this internal audience, including the text users see after applying.

Edit your internal job board

Navigate to the Configure Job Boards page. (Configure Configure-icon.png > Job Boards)

Click the ellipsis icon Ellipsis_2.png inline with your organization's internal job board. Click Edit Board Settings from the dropdown menu.


Modify your job board as needed.

Screenshot of the edit job board fields.

The following can be configured from the Edit Your Internal Job Board page:

Name Description
Company name Text entry
Description Text entry
Media File upload or source code entry
Logo File upload
Banner image File upload
Logo link Users are directed to this URL after clicking your uploaded logo
Application Confirmation page Text entry
Source Determines what source is assigned to candidates who apply through your internal job board. By default, the source is Internal Applicant.
Manage locations users can select for job posts Click here to learn more about configuring structured job post locations.
Allow candidates to filter jobs by department Yes/No
Allow candidates to filter jobs by office Yes/No

This page also includes settings that allow you to customize your internal job board to match your organization's brand.

When you have finished configuring and customizing the internal job board, click Preview to see a sample, or click Save to confirm the configuration.

Turn the job board on

Note: By default, your organization's internal job board is turned off.

To turn on your job board, navigate to the Configure Job Boards page (Configure Configure-icon.png > Job Boards). Click the Off toggle to the left of your internal job board. 

Screenshot of the off button.

Your internal job board is now published and considered live.

Screenshot of the live job board.

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