Permissions: Site Admin and Job Admin who can manage custom fields

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Custom options allow your organization to capture custom data related to your jobs, offers, applications, and candidates in Greenhouse Recruiting.

We've collected answers to a few commonly asked questions about custom options.

Can I edit custom fields?

Yes, you can edit your custom fields after you've created them. Learn more about editing custom fields below.

Note: You can't edit a custom field's Field Type. To change the Field Type after you've created a custom field, you'll need to delete the custom field and create a new one with the correct Field Type.


What happens when I delete a custom field or custom metadata?

When you delete a custom field, that field will no longer appear for new applications, jobs, candidates, openings, or offers. The field and associated data will no longer appear in reports.

If an existing entity has data associated with a deleted custom field, that data will remain after the field is deleted. You'll need to manually delete this data at the application, job, candidate, opening, or offer level to completely remove it.

When you delete custom metadata, the metadata is permanently removed from all candidates, jobs, reports, and other associated entities.

Use the below resources to learn more about deleting custom fields and metadata.

What is a custom options sync?

Organizations that have enabled an HRIS integration with Greenhouse Recruiting can set up a custom options sync. This is a per-field integration that helps you sync the list of options available for a custom field in Greenhouse Recruiting with the list of available options for a corresponding field in your HRIS.