Mark a candidate as hired (with offer approvals)

Permissions: Job Admins, who can view and edit offers, approve/request approval on offers, and advance candidates/prospects
Site Admins, who can see private notes and salary info, manage offers, request approval, and approve jobs/offers

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers.

In Greenhouse Recruiting, marking a candidate as hired is the final step in the candidate recruitment process. By performing this action, your organization is hiring a candidate to join your organization against a job's opening. Once complete, an opening for the job will be closed. 

In this article, we will cover how to mark a candidate as hired for organizations that have an offer approval process enabled for the job. 

If an offer approval process is enabled for a job, the following steps must occur before a candidate can be marked as hired: 

  1. A user creates the offer
  2. The offer passes through the job's designated offer approval process

A candidate's offer process is handled on the Offer details tab on their candidate profile.

When you're ready to start their offer paperwork, click Create offer and complete the fields in the pop-up window.


When you're finished, click Request Approval to trigger the offer approval process for this offer.

Note: For more details on how an offer approval is progressing through an approval process, navigate to the Approval Details header. Click here to learn more.

Once an offer is fully approved, a user with the appropriate permissions can extend the offer to the candidate, or upload documents and click Mark Candidate as Hired in the Offer stage.