Send an offer letter created outside of Greenhouse Recruiting

Permissions: Job Admin and above who can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, request approval, and approve jobs / offers

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting allows your organization to send an offer letter directly from the candidate's profile, even if the offer letter was created outside Greenhouse Recruiting.

Note: To learn more about generating an offer letter within Greenhouse Recruiting, click here.

To send an externally created offer letter from Greenhouse Recruiting, navigate to the candidate's profile and click the Offer Details tab.

Screenshot of Offer Details tab on a candidate profile

Scroll down to the Offer Documents section and click Upload.

Screenshot of upload offer document

Click Browser to browse files on your computer and select the offer letter. Click Upload after selecting the appropriate file.

Screenshot of browse files for offer document upload

The uploaded offer document, as well as a .pdf version, will appear under the Offer Documents section. Click Send with Greenhouse to send the offer letter directly from Greenhouse Recruiting.

Note: Alternatively, if your organization has enabled the DocuSign integration and you prefer to send through the integration, click Send with DocuSign.

Screenshot of send with Greenhouse button

The .pdf version of the offer letter will automatically be selected as an attachment. Use the Template dropdown to choose an existing Extending Offer email template, or manually type in the email details. When finished, click Send Email.

Screenshot of send offer letter box

The top of the Offer Details view will display the date you sent the offer letter.

If the offer letter requires a signature or other action by the candidate, you can manually upload the completed offer letter later by returning to the candidate's profile > Offer Details and clicking Upload Signed Offer Document.

Screenshot of upload signed offer document button

Be sure to mark the candidate's offer as either Hired or Candidate Declined once the candidate responds and all documents are completed.