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Mark Candidate as Hired (With Offer Approvals)


In Greenhouse Recruiting, marking a candidate as Hired is the final step in the candidate recruitment process. By performing this action, your organization is hiring a candidate to join your organization against a job's opening. Once complete, an opening for the job will be closed. In this article, we will cover how to mark a candidate as Hired for organizations who have an offer approval process enabled for a job. 

If an offer approval process is enabled for a job, a created offer must always be created first and pass through the offer approval process.  Navigate to the profile for a candidate and click Offer Details on the On Job panel.


Click Create Offer and use the subsequent dialog box to input the details of the candidate offer.

When finished, click Request Approval to trigger the offer approval process for this offer.


Once an offer is fully approved, a user with the appropriate permissions can click Mark Candidate as Hired from the Offer Details tab.

Note: Additionally, a user with the appropriate permissions can now formally extend the offer to the candidate. 


Review the offer details in the Accept Offer dialog box and include any additional details regarding the desired Close Reason for the opening, etc. Click Save when finished.


The candidate will be marked as Hired and associated with the selected opening. The selected opening will now be closed.