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By default, the candidate survey includes nine questions designed to gauge overall satisfaction with the candidate experience. You can use the default survey questions as-is, delete them, or add new questions. Surveys can include a maximum of 10 questions.

To ensure the survey data is reportable and easily quantifiable, all survey questions have only one answer type: Strongly disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, Strongly agree. Survey recipients also have the option to add a comment.

For help writing new survey questions, review our best practices.

Add a question

To get started, click the Configure icon Configure-icon.png, then select Candidate Survey from the left menu.

The Configure page with orange boxes around the Configure icon and the Candidate Survey menu option.png 

Click Edit questions.

Below the existing questions, click Add question.

Note: Survey questions you add don't have benchmarking data in the Candidate Surveys report. For more information, visit View candidate survey results.

Enter the text for your question. When finished, click Add.

Tip: Need help writing a survey question? Check out our best practices for writing survey questions.

Add a question window.png

When you return to the Edit survey questions page, click Save.

Edit questions page with an orange box around the Save button.png

Note: All questions use the same answer type. Candidates choose from the options Strongly disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, Strongly agree and can enter an optional comment.

Delete a question

On the Candidate survey page, click Edit questions.

Click the X to the right of the question to delete it.

Note: The open text question ("Is there anything you wish the company had done differently?") cannot be restored if it is deleted.

Edit questions page with an orange box around the X, or the Delete question icon .png

Click Save. The question has been removed from the survey. 

Edit questions page with an orange box around the Save button.png

View deleted survey questions

Deleted survey questions are listed in the Reports section.

To see your deleted questions, click Reports at the top of your Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard. From the left menu, click Essential Reports.

Reports page with orange boxes highlighting the buttons for Reports and Essential reports.png

In the section Share Progress with Executives, click Candidate Surveys. 

Essential reports page with an orange box around the button Candidate surveys.png

At the bottom of the page, click View deleted questions. Your deleted questions will display.

Report page with an orange box around the button View deleted questions.png

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