Permissions: Site Admin who can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, request approval, and approve jobs / offers, and Job Admin who can edit job info and can view and edit private job fields and approve / request approval on jobs

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

In Greenhouse Recruiting, a job must have one active opening for every candidate you wish to hire for the role. An opening's target start date allows your organization to set a goal against a job opening.

Staying on top of target start dates can help keep your hiring team on track and allows your organization to measure hiring performance, through forecasting candidate start and offer dates for hires.

Edit a target start date

Note: The target state date is configured within a job's opening(s). The process to edit openings on an existing job depends on that job's approval process.

If you're having trouble managing openings, check your permissions

To edit the target start date for an opening, navigate to a job and select the Job Setup tab from the left-hand menu panel. Next, click Job Info. Scroll to the Openings panel and then, click Manage Openings.


Select a specific opening from the left-hand panel and then, click the Target Start Date dropdown.  Use the calendar to select a new target start date.

Screenshot of edit target start date

Click Save Changes when finished.

Note: The target start date for an opening can't be removed once set. When a target start date is configured, the date value can only be updated to reflect a new date.

Frequently asked questions

How do I change the target start date when using Offer forecast?

On the offer forecast widget, click Set target date to choose a target start date for your new hire. You can also set a target start date on the opening under Job SetupJob Info.

Can I make the target start date field required?

Currently, it's not possible to make the target start date required. If you'd like to remind your hiring team to complete the field, create a custom opening field and mark it as required. 

I'm using Offer forecast and see Heads up! as a status next to the target start date. What does that mean? 

Once you’ve set a target start date, offer forecast will share whether you’re on track or off track to meet your target.

Status Meaning
On track The predicted start date is on or earlier than your target start date.
Heads up The predicted start date is later than your target start date.