HireQuotient’s talent sourcing tool, EasySource, helps talent sourcers automate time-consuming sourcing tasks to narrow the talent search and enhance the quality of the candidate pool.

EasySource stands out from its competitors due to its advanced AI algorithms, comprehensive filters, and integrated LinkedIn inmail functionality. This unique combination enables EasySource to identify and engage with highly relevant and interested candidates, allowing recruiters to fine-tune their candidate searches and identify the most suitable talent more accurately.

By enabling recruiters to send LinkedIn Inmails and connection requests directly through the platform. EasySource distinguishes itself by eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools or platforms, streamlining the communication process and enhancing productivity.

HireQuotient’s EasySource integration with Greenhouse Recruiting allows a seamless and efficient process for talent sourcing and recruitment, ensuring that the most promising candidates are seamlessly moved from the sourcing stage to the applicant tracking and management process within Greenhouse.

Set up the Greenhouse Recruiting / EasySource integration

Create an Ingestion API key

To integrate with Easysource, you’ll need to create an Ingestion API key and provide it to HireQuotient.

Follow the steps in this article for detailed steps on creating an Ingestion API Key. Be sure to copy the API key, you’ll need to paste it into HireQuotient in the next step.

Provide your Ingestion API key to HireQuotient and finish setup

To add your created API key to HireQuotient, navigate to your EasySource dashboard and open the Integrations tab.

Hirequotient integrations tab.png

Navigate to Greenhouse and then, click Connect.

Connect Greenhouse to Hirequotient.png

In the Connect Greenhouse window, input the required information (Ingestion API key and service user email) and ensure the email address for your Greenhouse Recruiting account/a service user email matches your HireQuotient credentials.

Hirequotient submit button.png

Submit when finished.

The Greenhouse Recruiting / EasySource integration will be enabled and ready for use.

Use the Easysource integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

Export candidates and prospects

To source candidates from EasySource to Greenhouse Recruiting, navigate to the EasySource dashboard and select one or multiple candidates.

Click Add to ATS after choosing your candidates and select Greenhouse from the dropdown.

Hirequotient Add to ATS button .png

You can select the type from the 2 available options:

  • Prospect - An unattached prospect who is not associated with any job
  • Candidate - A candidate who is associated with a particular job

Send candidate or prospect to Greenhouse selection.png

If Candidate is selected, the next step will be to select the job that you would like to associate with the candidate.


Using the Select Job dropdown, select a job and Confirm.

The candidate will be sent to Greenhouse with the data below:

  • Candidate name
  • Candidate email ID (Depends on the availability)
  • Location
  • Current company and Job title

View imported candidate/prospect(s) 

To see the candidates sourced from EasySource in Greenhouse, navigate to Configure (gear icon) > Custom Options > Sources and make sure EasySource is toggled On.


Then, select a Job and go to the Candidates tab. Using the left-hand filter panel, select Source to filter by EasySource.


Once filtered, candidates sourced from EasySource will appear for your review.

Additional resources

For additional information not covered here, reach out to easysource-support@hirequotient.com