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Calendar events created using Google's Out of office event type are not recognized by Greenhouse Recruiting when scheduling an interview. If you create an Out of office event in your Google Calendar, the event doesn't appear in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Google calendar scheduling window with an orange box around the option Out of office

In this article, we’ll cover how to schedule out of office time in Google so it'll be recognized by your Greenhouse Recruiting calendar.

Schedule an all day event

To ensure that your time out of office is recognized by Greenhouse Recruiting, use the Event option to create an all-day event instead. When entering the event's time, check the All day box.

Google calendar scheduling window with two orange boxes - one around the type Event and one around the All day checkbox

Ensure the calendar event is marked as Busy rather than Free.

Google calendar event showing the busy or free dropdown menu

When scheduling an interview, the All day event is shown in the top row of the scheduling calendar. 

An all day event shown in the Greenhouse Recruiting scheduling window

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