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Greenhouse Recruiting

A new, more accurate machine learning model

Previously known as Greenhouse Predicts, offer forecast has been revamped with a new name, a new look, and a new, more accurate model to help your team predict candidate offer acceptance and new hire start dates. Learn more.

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Bug fixes

  • When using the Email the Team or Email Candidate features, deactivated accounts appeared.
  • In Sourcing Automation, the Task tab only loaded one page of results.
  • In the Pipeline By Demographic report, data for the Pass rate and Milestone pass rate were inaccurate.
  • After an internal job post was unfeatured, it was still marked with the green Featured tag.
  • When Job Admins who didn't have the permission "Can advance candidates/prospects" created an auto-advance application rule, any applications that triggered the rule weren't processed.
  • Private job fields appeared in offer approval request emails sent to recipients who didn't have permission to view private job fields.