A sandbox is a test environment that allows you to evaluate email and offer templates, workflows, integrations, and more — all without disturbing real data or your recruiting teams. Your sandbox works just like a production environment, with the same features and capabilities, enabling you to test real-world scenarios.

With sandbox sync, you can mirror data from your production environment to your sandbox environment. We've collected answers to a few commonly asked questions about sandbox sync.

Who can manage sandbox sync?

Only Site Admin with permission to manage sandbox configurations can manage sandbox sync. Sandbox sync is managed in your production environment. 

Who can access a sandbox?

Anyone who is added as a user to your sandbox can access the sandbox. However, logins aren't interchangeable between your sandbox and your production environments.

User accounts created in your sandbox are retained even after sandbox sync is complete.

What data can I sync from my production environment?

The full list of synced data can be found in the sandbox sync overview article.

What happens to data in the sandbox after sandbox sync?

When sandbox sync syncs data from your production environment, all the existing data in your sandbox is overwritten except for the following settings:

All other data, like jobs, candidates, hiring plans, and other configurations are overwritten on each sync as part of the data cleanup.

Can I choose which data to sync?

Sandbox sync will sync important production data like organization settings, email and offer templates, custom options, and inclusion tool settings to your sandbox environment. It isn't possible to select specific data you want to sync.

When does sandbox sync occur?

Sandbox sync will sync data from your production environment on a schedule you choose. You can choose a day for the sync, as well as a cadence that you prefer. The sync occurs on the day you choose at 11:59 pm ET.