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Greenhouse Recruiting

Permission stripe beta: control who can view internal candidates

The permission stripe Can view internal candidates / prospects is now available as a beta. Use it to protect employee privacy by ensuring internal candidate information is available only to those who need it. To request access, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Greenhouse Onboarding

Custom access to view email activity

Owners in Greenhouse Onboarding can now assign users custom access to see the email activity tab in employee profiles.


  • Candidate sourcing: MojoHire uses data-driven technology to automatically match incoming and existing candidates to jobs.
  • Candidate testing: Enigma offers puzzle-based skills assessments to help organizations find higher quality candidates specialized in cybersecurity.
  • Candidate testing: WeCreateProblems (WeCP) uses modern code screening and interviewing software to help organizations develop candidate pipelines, automate skill evaluations, and accelerate the hiring process.

 Bug fixes

  • Users without the correct permission were able to create new candidate tags using the Chrome extension.
  • When users tried signing in to Sourcing Automation, some email providers weren't shown.
  • When sending a form to a rejected candidate, the incorrect email template content appeared for some users.
  • When users moved a job post from one job board to another, the job post continued to appear on the original board via the job board API.
  • In Greenhouse Onboarding, some users encountered an error message when trying to remove an attachment.