Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. You can stay up to date by following our release notes.

CRM & Events

Updated prospect statuses

We’ve added new prospect statuses to help you track how your prospects are progressing in your Sourcing Automation campaign pools.

Filter prospects in your campaign pools

You can now filter prospects in your campaign pools to quickly locate them and narrow your search results.

Greenhouse Onboarding

Customize access to see and edit tasks

Owners and Coordinators can now assign Greenhouse Onboarding users custom access to see and edit other employees’ onboarding tasks in the task report.

You can configure access based on department, location, employment status and other criteria.

New My Tasks page

We've introduced a new My Tasks tab, a dedicated space designed exclusively for tasks assigned to you. 


Navigate to the new My Tasks page from your Greenhouse Onboarding homepage to view and complete all of your assigned onboarding tasks. 

To see tasks for a specific employee, navigate to the employee's profile or view using the Task report, now located in Reports

Bug fixes

  • Internal jobs weren't sorted alphabetically when filtering by office.
  • When configuring custom offer field dependencies, some parent compensation fields failed to appear for selection.
  • Inconsistent formatting was displayed when previewing some job posts with pay transparency rules applied.
  • The save button within some Accept Offer modals became unresponsive when marking candidates as hired.