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Adjusting the visibility settings for your scorecards allows you to decide under what circumstances an interviewer can access another interviewer's submitted scorecard.

You have three options: Never, Always, and Only after submitting their own.

This setting can be configured at the organizational level (Configure Configure-icon.png > Permission Policies > Interviewers) and at the Job Admin level (Configure Configure-icon.png > Permission Policies > Job Admins > See and manage Job Admin levels).

Scorecard visibility options


Interviewers will never be able to see scorecards submitted by other interviewers. Only the interviewer's own scorecard will show up in the Scorecards section of the candidate profile.

This gives individual interviewers the most privacy by limiting the number of people who can view their submitted scorecards.


Interviewers will always be able to scorecards submitted by other interviewers. All submitted scorecards will show up in the Scorecards section of the candidate profile.

Submitted scorecards on a candidate profile

Only after submitting their own

Interviewers will only be able to see scorecards submitted by other interviewers after they've submitted their own scorecard.

This option prevents interviewers from being influenced by others' scorecards before they've finished their own, which can introduce bias.

Example: Imagine that Deidre has finished her interview but hasn't completed her scorecard yet. Deidre has access to other interviewers' scorecards. She looks at Carl's submitted scorecard and sees that he gave the candidate poor feedback.

Deidre had a positive impression of the candidate after her interview, but now she's having second thoughts. When she fills out her scorecard, she changes her overall recommendation from "Yes" to "No Decision."

In this example, Deidre was biased by Carl's scorecard, which caused her to give the candidate poorer feedback on her own scorecard despite her positive interview experience.