Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

A job post's status indicates whether the job is published to a job board. 


There are many reasons why an organization might strategically change a job post's status. One reason a job post may be turned off is that the hiring team has received a sufficient number of strong candidates to consider for the position and doesn't want to receive additional applications.

Note: A job status and a job post status are different statuses. Turning off a job post means the post is no longer visible to candidates. Changing a job status to closed means you’re not actively seeking to fill a position, perhaps because a candidate has been hired or your organization implemented a hiring freeze.

Job post statuses

There are two job post statuses: Live and Offline.

When a job post is set to Live, the post appears on your organization’s internal or external job board where candidates can see it and use it to apply for the job. 

When a job post status is set to Offline, the job post is not visible on any job boards, even though the job itself may be open and the hiring team may be actively interviewing candidates to fill it. Turning a job post off removes the page from the internet and any links to the post stop working.

Change the job post status for a single job

From your dashboard, navigate to the Jobs page and open a job.

From the left side menu, click Job Setup.

Find the Job Posts section, then click Edit.


Click the toggle next to a job post to change its status.


Change the job post status for several jobs

If you need to change the status of multiple job posts, you can do so by viewing all the posts on a job board.

Navigate to the Configure page by clicking the gear icon Configure-icon.png.

From the left menu, click Job Boards & Posts.

In the Job Boards section, click the number of job posts to the right of the board name.


All job posts published to the job board are displayed. To change a post's status, click the status button next to the job name.


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