Manage your assigned onboarding tasks


Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Onboarding and Greenhouse Welcome tiers

Use the My Tasks tab in Greenhouse Onboarding to view and complete your assigned onboarding tasks at any time.

View your assigned tasks

Open tasks from a notification email

You'll receive a notification email from Greenhouse Onboarding any time you've been assigned an onboarding task. This email includes a summary of your new task and a link to open your assigned tasks.

In your notification email, click View All Tasks in Greenhouse Onboarding. This will take you directly to the Tasks page in Greenhouse Onboarding.

1 New Task Assigned email with View All Tasks in Greenhouse Onboarding button highlighted

View tasks in Greenhouse Onboarding

From your Greenhouse Onboarding homepage, click My Tasks on your navigation bar.

You can also scroll to the My Tasks section on your homepage, then click See all.

Employee view of Greenhouse Onboarding homepage with My Tasks tab and See all button highlighted

The My Tasks page displays all of the onboarding tasks assigned to you personally. 

Note: Owners, Coordinators, and users with custom access to see and edit employee tasks can use the Task report to view and manage tasks for other employees.

My Tasks page with one example onboarding task displayed

Click on any task to open the Task detail window and see more details.

You can also add this task to your calendar or add file attachments, if required.

Task detail window with Add Attachment button and Add to Calendar button highlighted

Complete your assigned tasks

When you've completed one of your onboarding tasks, you can mark this task as complete in the My Tasks page. This will help you and your onboarding team keep track of your progress.

To begin, click on one of your assigned tasks to open it.

In the Task detail window, click Mark complete.

Task detail window with Mark complete button highlighted

Greenhouse Onboarding will officially mark this task complete and remove it from your task list.

If you'd like to see your completed tasks in My Tasks, mark the Include completed tasks checkbox.

My Tasks page with Include completed tasks checkbox turned on