Purchase a job ad from a third-party job board

Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available to all subscription tiers

Job Ad Market allows your organization to purchase individual job ads from thousands of third-party job boards using a streamlined process directly within Greenhouse Recruiting.

To learn about additional ways to promote jobs on third-party boards, see Free job posts and Job board integrations.

Purchase a job ad from a third-party job board in Greenhouse Recruiting

Note: The workflow for purchasing a job ad through ZipRecruiter might vary slightly from the process outlined below.

Go to the Job Ad Market page on a job. (Navigate to a job > Sourcing > Job Ad Market)


Click Create partner campaign in the top right corner of the page.


Scroll down the list of partners or use the search and filter options at the top of the page to find a job board partner.

When you found a partner you want to purchase an ad from, select them and click Continue.


Note: Quick-apply workflows such as Indeed Apply, LinkedIn Easy Apply and ZipApply are not supported for ads purchased through the Job Ad Market.

Choose a job post to advertise on the job board.


Name your campaign, then click Job Details.


Note about available fields when creating a campaign

  • When creating a new campaign, you'll need to complete a standard set of fields for job board partners. Since the Job Ad Market supports many different job boards, some of these fields may have less configuration than the fields on job posts in Greenhouse Recruiting.
  • To avoid conflicting information in different job ads, you'll need to provide the same information for each job board partner. However, not all partners publish the same details in their job ads. This means some fields you fill out in the About the job panel might not be included in your job ad.


  • The campaign name is used for internal reference only and is not displayed on the job ad.
  • Every job ad must include a physical address. Remote job postings are not supported.
  • Job ads cannot be edited or refunded once the purchase is complete. Double-check all details to ensure you've entered the correct information.
  • Some job boards provide a direct link to view live ads on their platform. To view ads live, click the arrow icon next to the campaign name.

Provide details for your job. Any required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*). After the job post's details are defined, click Billing Info.


Enter your billing information. When you're finished, click Review.


Review your post one final time, then click Post Ads. You can't make any edits or receive any refunds after this step is confirmed.


Note: The duration of the job ad is based on the date the job ad is live, rather than the campaign start date.

For example, if you purchase a 30-day campaign, and it's in a "pending" status for three days, your 30-day period will start on the day the job ad is no longer in the "pending" status, rather the day you purchased the ad.

If there is no delay between the purchase date and the date the ad is live, the campaign will start on the same day you purchase the ad.

View a purchased job ad

To see the status of the purchased ad, go back to the Job Ad Market page. Find the Campaigns section.

Purchased ads display one of three statuses:

  • Pending: The ad has been purchased but has not yet been posted on the third-party job board.
  • Live: The ad has been purchased, is posted on the third-party job board and can accept applications.
  • Offline: The ad is no longer posted on the third-party job board and cannot accept applications.

Some job boards provide a direct link to view live ads on their platform. To view ads live, click the arrow icon next to the campaign name.


Note: A purchased job ad displays a status of pending until it's published, at which point the status changes to live. An ad might be published within a few hours of purchasing, but in some cases, publishing may take up to ten (10) business days. This process varies between third-party job boards and cannot be expedited.

Review a job ad receipt

Receipts for purchased ads are located on the Order History page. (Configure icon  > Order History)

Click the Adobe icon to the left of the invoice number to download and review a receipt.


Report on the performance of purchased job ad

Candidates who apply for a job through a purchased ad are added to your Greenhouse Recruiting account with the relevant third-party job board listed as their source. This source will be listed as a custom source based on how the vendor was listed on the Job Ad Market.

We recommend using the Candidate Quality by Campaign report to review the effectiveness of your campaign.

The Candidate Quality by Source report or the New Candidates by Source report can be used to compare the efficacy of your purchased ad against other types of sourcing.

Note: Cost information is available only on the Sourcing page and cannot be pulled into reports.

Additional resources

For additional questions or to troubleshoot a purchased ad, contact the Greenhouse Technical Support team.