Greenhouse Recruiting supports two types of HRIS integrations: one that exports jobs from Greenhouse Recruiting to your HRIS and one that imports jobs from your HRIS to Greenhouse Recruiting.

What is an HRIS integration?

An HRIS integration helps with data parity and integrity between Greenhouse Recruiting and your HRIS by syncing information between the platforms.


Whether you use Greenhouse Recruiting or your HRIS as your source of truth on data, HRIS integrations provide a variety of benefits, including streamlined recruiting workflows, reduced duplicative data entry, and automatic system alignment, saving your team time and avoiding human errors. 

Use cases

Note: If you use Workday®️ as your HRIS, we recommend HRIS Link.

Job export workflow

We recommend the just-in-time position export integration if jobs or positions don't need to be approved in your HRIS before being opened for recruiting, or if your business processes allow you to create jobs or positions outside of your HRIS.

With this approach, jobs are created, approved, and maintained in Greenhouse Recruiting, and Greenhouse Recruiting is the source of truth for your job data. Your recruiters will run their recruiting processes in Greenhouse Recruiting, update job info and attributes in Greenhouse Recruiting as needed, and move candidates through the interview process. If you need, you can update jobs based on information in your HRIS. Then at the time of a candidate hire, all the latest job data will be exported to your HRIS along with application, candidate, and offer data.

Job import workflow

If your organization needs all jobs to be created or approved in your HRIS, we recommend a Harvest API or webhook job import integration approach. 

Using this workflow, positions or requisitions are created, approved, and maintained in your HRIS so that your HRIS is the source of truth for your job data. Your recruiters could also initiate job creation in Greenhouse Recruiting, but subsequent updates to the job would come from information that's hosted in your HRIS.

Note: Greenhouse Recruiting is not sponsored by, affiliated with, or endorsed by Workday®️.