Send campaign pool emails on behalf of an email alias

Permissions: Site Admin who can edit another user's advanced permissions (to turn on the feature), Job Admin and above with a Sourcing Automation seat (to send campaign pool emails on behalf of an email alias)

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

With Greenhouse Sourcing Automation, you can send step emails for your campaign pools on behalf of an email alias. This helps your organization improve recruiting efficiency and save Sourcing Automation seats, as recruiters can share one email alias to send and receive prospect emails.

Using email aliases in your campaign pools can also increase response rates from prospects, who may respond more to emails coming from a hiring manager, executive, or other recognizable person.

Note: Sending on behalf of email aliases is available for Google-based email accounts only. Email aliases from other email service providers are not supported at this time.

Allow users to send campaign steps with an email alias

A Sourcing Automation admin must enable all users in your organization to send campaign emails through an email alias.

Navigate to Configure > Sourcing Automation.

On the Sourcing Automation page, scroll to General settings.

Mark the checkbox to Allow Gmail aliases when sending a campaign step.

Sourcing Automation general settings in Configure with Gmail aliases permission turned on

Once this permission is turned on, all users with a Sourcing Automation seat will have the option to send campaign emails on behalf of an email alias when creating campaign pool steps.

Configure an email alias

Email alias requirements

Before you can send campaign pool emails on behalf of an email alias, your email alias must meet the following requirements:

  • Uses Gmail: Google is the only supported email service provider for sending Sourcing Automation emails on behalf of an email alias.
  • Does not have a separate inbox: Replies from prospects to your email alias should go into your primary email address instead of a separate inbox. Replies to prospect messages should be set to send on behalf of your email alias. These settings allow Sourcing Automation to track replies properly.

Follow the steps outlined below to make sure your email alias meets these requirements.

Note: Email aliases that use a separate inbox and require password verification are not supported in Sourcing Automation.

Create an email alias in Gmail

First, create an email alias in Gmail. Sourcing Automation only supports sending on behalf of Gmail aliases at this time.

Step 1

Ask your Google Workspace admin to create an email alias under your existing Gmail account.

Note: Send this Google resource to your Google Workspace admin if they need help creating Gmail aliases for other users.

Step 2

Add the alias created by your Google Workspace admin to your existing Gmail account. Follow the steps in this Google resource to learn how to add your new alias.

Set up reply tracking in Gmail

Once you've added your new email alias, set up reply tracking in Gmail. This allows you to send replies to prospects through your new email alias and allows Sourcing Automation to track prospect replies correctly.

In Gmail, navigate to Settings > See all settings, then click the Accounts tab.

Scroll to the Send mail as: section of the Accounts page.

Select the option to Reply from the same address the message was sent to.

Gmail account settings with reply from the same address setting turned on

Use an email alias to send campaign pool steps

Once you've met the above requirements and your Sourcing Automation admin has allowed the use of email aliases, you can start sending campaign step emails on behalf of an email alias.

When you create or edit a campaign step, use the From dropdown to select your email alias as the step sender.

From field on a campaign step with a Gmail alias option highlighted in marigold

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