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Greenhouse Recruiting

Get insight on your pay trends with standardized compensation fields

Configure a custom offer field as a compensation field to enable extra inputs for frequency, pay rationale, and type of pay. Track compensation fields across roles to identify trends in your fair pay practices.

Change log enhancements

Greenhouse Recruiting now tracks and logs actions related to custom field dependencies within the change log. Click here to learn more


  • Candidate background check: Clearstar is a leading HR technology company specializing in background, substance abuse, and occupational health screening services.

Bug fixes

  • Namely integration users encountered generic errors when attempting to export candidates.
  • Follow-up reminders were missing from some personal dashboards despite being shown within candidate profiles.
  • Some requisitions displayed as duplicates on the All Jobs dashboard.
  • The Candidate Survey by Demographic report failed to populate correctly when filtered by some office and department sub-departments.
  • Take-home tests failed to send for some candidates when they were auto-advanced to assessment stages.
  • Post-hire updates for candidates imported from Greenhouse Recruiting to Greenhouse Onboarding failed to sync within some sandbox accounts.