Use audit log with Business Intelligence Connector


Product tier: Available to Expert subscription tier with audit log add-on

Audit log offers a record of important events in your Greenhouse Recruiting environment from the previous 30 days. You can access audit log with Business Intelligence Connector. When enabled, an audit log table will be included in your nightly ETL.

Enable audit log

Note: To enable audit log, you'll need to be a Basic user or above who can manage and configure BIC.

Once your organization has enabled Business Intelligence Connector, you can include audit log in your ETL.

To include audit log in your next ETL, click the Configure icon on your navigation bar, then select Dev Center on the left.

The Configure page shows Dev Center on the left hihglighted in marigold emphasis

Click Business Intelligence Connector.

The Dev Center pages shows Business Intelligence Connector highlighted at the bottom of the page in marigold

Scroll to Settings and click Edit.

The Settings page for Business Intelligence Connector shows the Edit option highlighted in marigold emphasis

Under Additional information to include, check Audit log.

The Additional information to include section shows Audit log checked

When finished, click Save.

Use audit log

Once enabled, audit log will appear in your organization's next ETL. Here's an example audit_log table in plaintext:

CREATE TABLE audit_log (
request_type, performer_id, performer_type, performer_meta, performer_ip_address, event_type, event_target_id, event_target_type, event_meta, );

Here's an example of how data will populate in the table:

organization_id event_time request_id request_type performer_id performer_type performer_meta performer_ip_address event_type event_target_id event_target_type event_meta
400123123 2023-06-29 14:15:00.306 8df9ae5a17e528 my_dashboard/controllers/my_dashboard#index 5407147002 user {"name"=>"Katy Glaude", "username"=>""} action [NULL] PII Page Accessed  

You can use SQL queries and statements to further filter and analyze your data. Check out Understand audit log data to learn more, or check out Audit log use cases for inspiration.