Permissions: Site Admin with the permission Can edit another user’s advanced permissions

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

"Super user" is how some organizations refer to a user who has a Site Admin permission level and the user-specific permission Can edit another user’s advanced permissions.

Sometimes, organizations define a super user as the in-house administrator who can perform all functions in Greenhouse Recruiting. However, in the context of Greenhouse Recruiting, a super user is only a Site Admin who can modify other users' permissions.

Tip: Consider keeping two active super users at all times. That way, one super user is available if the other is out of office or leaves their position. 

Grant super user permissions to a user

Note: Only an existing super user (a Site Admin with the permission Can edit another user's advanced permissions) can grant super user permissions to another user.

To grant super user permissions to another user, open the user's profile. (Configure Configure-icon.png> Users > select the user)

On the Edit User page, scroll down to the Permissions section. Near Site Admin, click Assign.


In the menu that appears, click the box next to Edit another user's advanced permissions.


Assign any additional user-specific permissions you want this user to have, then click Save permissions.

Tip: When offboarding your super user, ensure the super user grants this permission to at least one current team member so that you always have an active super user.

My super user is leaving. How do I create a new super user?

Since super users can only be created by other super users, it’s easiest to have a departing super user appoint a new super user using the steps above. If your current super user is leaving, make sure they update the permissions of another user before their account is deactivated.

However, if your previous super user has already left your organization before updating the permissions of their replacement, you will have to reach out to Greenhouse Technical Support. The Technical Support team will walk you through the process to create a new super user.

If your organization doesn't have an active super user

If you have questions regarding user permissions, contact Greenhouse Technical Support. We can assist in determining if there are other super users in your organization or help you create a new super user if needed. 

Because super users can make impactful changes to your organization's Greenhouse Recruiting setup, additional verification steps are needed to create a new user super. The process may take several business days to complete.

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