Permissions: Owners, Coordinators, and users with custom access to manage pending hires

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Onboarding and Greenhouse Welcome tiers

Use the pending hires report in Greenhouse Onboarding to see a complete list of your organization's pending hires and quickly convert them to new hires.

View pending hires report

To find your pending hires report, click Reports in the top navigation bar.


Select View pending hires report from the Reports panel.


On the Pending Hires page, you'll find a list of all your organization's pending hires.

Note: Users with custom access to manage pending hires will only see the pending hires that match the defined criteria for their custom role.


Pending hires report fields

Field name Field info
Name Your pending hire's name
Start Date Your pending hire's assigned start date
Manager Your pending hire's manager
Location Your pending hire's work location
Department Your pending hire's assigned department
Employment Status

Your pending hire's employment status

Note: The values for your pending hires report come from candidate, job, and offer fields in Greenhouse Recruiting. You'll need to map these fields to your fields in Greenhouse Onboarding for these values to populate when a candidate is converted to a pending hire.

Filter and search pending hires

You can filter your report for increased visibility or use the search bar to quickly find specific pending hires. In the Filter panel, use the following filters to narrow your report's results:

  • Department
  • Location
  • Employment Status

Note: You can make up to one selection for each filter.


Click Reset Filters to clear your filter selections and see the entire list of pending hires.


Filter by department

Use the Department filter to display pending hires assigned to specific departments in your organization.


Filter by location

Use the Location filter to display pending hires assigned to a specific office location.


Filter by employment status

Use the Employment Status filter to display pending hires with specific employment statuses, including Full-time, Part-time, and Contract.


Search pending hires

Type a pending hire's name into the search bar to quickly locate them in your report.


Bulk onboard pending hires

Check the Show only pending hires ready for bulk onboarding box to display pending hires that you can onboard in bulk to your organization's account.


Note: You can't apply filters to your pending hires report after checking the bulk onboarding box. Make sure to apply any filters you need before checking this box.

Select the checkbox next to each pending hire you'd like to onboard in bulk. You can also click the checkbox in the report's top left corner to select all available pending hires at once.

Click Bulk Onboard.


Preview your selected pending hires and their assigned onboarding plans on the Bulk Preview Onboarding Plans page.

Click Assign Onboarding Plans when you're ready to convert your pending hires to new hires and assign their onboarding plans.


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