Permissions: Basic, Job Admin, or Site Admin

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Frequently asked questions

Why is my referral’s status not changing?

The stage shown in the My Referrals section of your dashboard is updated when the candidate is advanced to the next stage by a member of the hiring team. If you have questions about a referral’s status, reach out to your in-house contacts.

I can't select a job for my referral, or the job I want to refer someone for isn't displaying.

You can refer candidates to any live job post that's posted on an external job board. Check with your in-house contacts to confirm the job’s status is live and is on an external job board.

The jobs you see when making a referral may also depend on your user permissions. If you have Basic permissions, you can submit a referral for any job with a live external job post. If you have Job Admin permissions, which are assigned on a per-job basis, you can submit referrals for the jobs to which you've been assigned Job Admin permissions. If you have Site Admin permissions, you have access to all jobs and can therefore submit a referral to any job in your Greenhouse Recruiting account.

If you have additional questions about why you cannot select a certain job for your referral, reach out to your in-house contacts.

Note: If you don’t see the job you’re looking for, try searching for a general referral job post using terms like "N/A" or "referral job". Occasionally, organizations create a generic job post to receive referrals for jobs that aren’t live or posted to an external job board.

An error message appears after I submit a referral.

An error message could appear for a variety of reasons. First, try following these troubleshooting steps: Troubleshoot error message or unexpected behavior on Greenhouse Recruiting.

If you continue to receive an error message, reach out to your in-house contacts for further assistance.

I made a referral, but I no longer see the candidate on my dashboard.

For a candidate to appear in the My Referrals section of your dashboard, the candidate's source must be Referral and you must be credited as the referrer. Your hiring team or in-house contacts can review specific candidates and provide more insight on whether there were changes to candidates' profiles that caused them to no longer appear on your dashboard. 

Why was my referral rejected?

Hiring decisions are the responsibility of the position's hiring team. For questions about decisions on specific candidates you have referred, reach out to your in-house contacts.

Will I get credit for my referral?

Referral programs are determined by your company. For questions about your company’s referral program, including incentives, bonuses, and payout schedules, reach out to your in-house contacts.

How do I edit or delete a referral I submitted?

Once you submit a referral, you are not able to edit or delete it. For assistance, reach out to your in-house contacts.

Will I be notified about my referral's progress?

You can choose to follow a referral in order to receive email updates when the referral is moved to a new stage or rejected from a job. If you don't see the option to follow a referral, reach out to your in-house contacts.

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