Permissions: Site Admin

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Once a candidate is in your organization's hiring pipeline, you can add them to another job, transfer them to a different job, or simply remove them from a job. Only users with Site Admin permissions can remove candidates from jobs.

Note: Removing a candidate from a job deletes the candidate's attachments, application questions, submitted scorecards, pipeline status data, scheduled interviews, and any job-specific forms. In addition, report data will not include any record of the candidate being on the job.

If you want to retain that information, consider other options such as rejecting the candidate.

To remove a candidate from a job, navigate to the Candidates page and click on the candidate you want to remove.


Click Add, Transfer or Remove Candidate’s Jobs in the lower right corner.


In the window that appears, click Remove Job.


Click Remove from this job and make prospect.


The candidate has been removed from the job and is now a prospect.