Changes to the 'Applications to Review' on Dashboard


I am a Hiring Manager and I no longer see the jobs I am on from the 'Applications to Review' box on my Dashboard.


We have made a change to the User Interface to the 'Applications to Review' box on your Dashboard. 

Before, if you were a Recruiter or a Hiring Manager on a job, you would see a link for both Application Review and Hiring Manager Review.

Now, you will only see the review tasks depending on your specific role on the job. For example, if you are the Recruiter on a job, you are automatically tasked with Application Review for the job so you will see Application Review task on your Dashboard but not the Hiring Manager Reviews. If you are the Hiring Manager, you will see the Hiring Manager Review but not the Application Review on your Dashboard.

Also, if a job as 0 applications to review, you will no longer see that job listed here.



Author: [Hannah]
Create Date: [14:15: 09-09-13]
Modified Date: [14:15: 09-09-13]
Keywords: [Applications to Review, Dashboard, Hiring Manager, Recruiter, Tasks, Hiring Manager Review, Application Review, dashboard is blank]

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