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I use CrediBLL. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

CrediBLL is making a transition to the Greenhouse, allowing Greenhouse to more seamlessly connect with your existing workflow. Some of the immediate benefits:

  • Recruiter Work Flow

            Requiring each Recruiter user in CrediBLL to integrate with Greenhouse, then match more candidates effectively according to job.

  • Automated Work Flow

            By getting access to more of the basic data on your jobs we will be able to automatically create positions more easily that match more candidates effectively and automatically. 

Follow the Recruiter Work Flow Integration Steps

  • Login to CrediBLL using your account credentials.

  • Click the “Integration” then find the option of greenhouse then press “Connect” option.

  • Authorize the user by providing “Email” and “Password” of greenhouse and press “authorize”


  • Click “TECHTALENT” Option, Go to talent and Press share option either Individually (Share) or Multiple (Share All) and press the “Export to Greenhouse


  • Show the Jobs assign to Logged in Recruiter on which he can source selected Candidate. 

Follow the Automated Work Flow Integration Steps

To get started with this integration, we’ll need to first collect the Greenhouse Harvest API key and Partner API Key from you (or one of your administrators) and paste it here. Just follow the directions below:

  • Visit the Greenhouse credentials pageto create an API key
    Important note: You (or your Site Administrator) must have developer permissions for “Can manage ALL organization’s API Credentials” to generate a Harvest API key and Partner API Key
  • Click "Create New API Key”. 
  • Enter the description "CrediBLL - Harvest" and choose type "Harvest
  • On the Manage API Key Permissions page, ensure the following are checked
    1. Job Posts
    2. Job Stages
    3. Jobs                     
  • Enter the description "CrediBLL - Partner" and choose type " Partner " Search & Select Application “CrediBLL” in dropdown list
  • Find the key that you just created ("CrediBLL - Harvest") and ("CrediBLL - Partner") and click "Copy" to put it in your clipboard.
  • Come back to this page,paste in your key, and press "Add Key” passed copied Key and “ADD”
  • CrediBLL User get list of posted Jobs of client using Harvest Key and then he can Source Candidate from Batch  or Pipeline or individually.

  • Source Candidate From Batch


Sourced Successfully


 Demo Video

For more information on the integration, please view this video: