This manual explains how to connect Greenhouse and hackajob, you need to have a hackajob account and a Greenhouse account to complete the setup.


Setting up the integration between Greenhouse and hackajob requires to:

  1. Generate a Harvest API key in Greenhouse and insert it in hackajob. These are the permissions we require:
  • Applications
  • Candidates
  • Job Posts
  • Job Stages
  • Jobs
  • Scheduled Interviews
  • Sources
  • Users
  1. Set up Web Hooks in Greenhouse. These are the Web Hooks are required to be set:
  • Job Created
  • Candidate has changed stage
  • Offer Created
  • Candidate has been hired
  • Candidate has been unhired
  • Candidate or Prospect rejected
  • Candidate or Prospect unrejected

Step by step guide

  1. In hackajob: Log in to your hackajob account
  2. In hackajob: Go to Account Settings
  3. In hackajob: Go to Integration Settings, keep this window open.
  4. In Greenhouse: In a new tab or window, log in to your Greenhouse account
  5. In Greenhouse: Click “Configure”
  6. In Greenhouse: Click “Dev Center”
  7. In Greenhouse: Click “API Credential Management
  8. In Greenhouse: Click “Create New API Key”
  9. In Greenhouse: In the description field, insert “hackajob-key”. You can change this text to help you identify what this key is for.
  10. In Greenhouse: In the Type field, select “Harvest”. Then click “Create”
  11. In Greenhouse: Now select the required permissions, so that it looks as it does in the below screenshot (Applications, Candidates, Job Posts, Job Stages, Jobs, Scheduled Interviews, Sources and Users)
    Once the required permissions are selected click “Update”
  12. In Greenhouse: Now the API Key has been created.
    Find the new Key by its Description
    Click “Copy”       
  13. In hackajob: Go back to the hackajob window we opened at the beginning of this guide. Now paste the text you just copied from Greenhouse. Then click “Connect”.
  14. In hackajob: Now the status of the integration should be “Connected”, keep this window opened.
  15. In Greenhouse: In a new window, open your Greenhouse account.
  16. In Greenhouse: Click “Configure”.
  17. In Greenhouse: Click “Dev Center”.
  18. In Greenhouse: Click “Web Hooks”.
  19. In Greenhouse: Click “Web Hooks”.
  20. In Greenhouse: Now, the following step will be repeated several times.
    1. In Greenhouse: Give the hook the name “hackajob-hook job-created”.
    2. In Greenhouse: Select When “Job Created”.
    3. In hackajob: In the window we opened before, copy the “Webhook URL”.
    4. In Greenhouse: Now paste the URL in the field “Endpoint URL”.
    5. In hackajob: Copy the “Webhook Secret Key”.
    6. In Greenhouse: Paste the Key in the field “Secret key”.
    7. In Greenhouse: Make sure the new Web Hook is not deactivated under “Advanced settings…”                                 
    8. In Greenhouse: Click “Create Web hook”.
  21. In Greenhouse: We are going to repeat step 20 changing the “Name” and the “When” fields of the form.
    1. Name: “hackajob-hook candidate has changed stage”
      When: “Candidate has changed stage

      Now Click “Create Web hook”
    2. Name: “hackajob-hook offer created”
      When: “Offer Created”

      Now Click “Create Web hook”
    3. Name: “hackajob-hook candidate has been hired”
      When: Candidate has been hired”

      Now Click “Create Web hook”
    4. Name: “hackajob-hook candidate has been unhired”
      When: “Candidate has been unhired”

      Now Click “Create Web hook”
    5. Name: “hackajob-hook candidate or prospect rejected”
      When: “Candidate or Prospect rejected”

      Now Click “Create Web hook”
    6. Name: “hackajob-hook candidate or prospect unrejected”
      When: “Candidate or Prospect unrejected”

      Now Click “Create Web hook”


Your hackajob Greenhouse integration is now complete!