Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

As a new hire, you'll receive emails with feedback questions that have been assigned to you by your onboarding team. Answer these questions to give your manager and onboarding team crucial feedback on your onboarding experience.

Respond to feedback questions

You'll receive an email each time you have new onboarding feedback questions to answer.

Click Get Started to navigate to Greenhouse Onboarding and respond to your feedback questions. 


In Greenhouse Onboarding, you'll see a list of assigned onboarding feedback questions you need to answer. Each question requires Yes/No responses.


Click Yes or No to respond to your feedback question. Click Remove Answer to change your response if needed.


If you'd like to provide any additional context, fill out the Comments field.


Click Submit Answers to submit your onboarding feedback. 

Note: You can't change your responses to feedback questions once you've submitted them.

Greenhouse Onboarding will send you a reminder email for 14 days if you haven't responded to your assigned feedback question.

Review your feedback responses

You can check your responses to feedback questions from your employee profile.

To get started, click Profile on your Greenhouse Onboarding home page.


Navigate to the Feedback tab in your employee profile.


Here, you'll find a list of each feedback question assigned to you and the date it was assigned.


Answered feedback questions

If you've already responded to a question, you'll see the following details:

  • Answer Date – the date you answered this feedback question
  • Yes/No – your answer to the feedback question
  • Comments (optional) – any comments you provided with your feedback response


Unanswered feedback questions

Unanswered feedback questions will appear blank in the Feedback tab of your employee profile. 


If you'd like to provide feedback for unanswered questions, navigate back to Home.


On your Greenhouse Onboarding homepage, scroll to the Feedback Questions section and click Answer Questions.


Respond to your feedback questions and click Submit Answers when you're finished.

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