To ensure you do not unintentionally gain Greenhouse Recruiting access beyond what your organization intended, you cannot edit your own user permissions.

If you need additional permissions added to your user account, reach out to a Greenhouse Recruiting user at your organization who is a Site Admin with the additional user-specific permission Can edit another user's advanced permissions.

That admin can then following the steps in the these articles to update your account:

If you are not sure which internal user at your organization has the necessary permissions to assist you with editing your permissions, you can find your in-house contacts under the Helpful Links section. For more information on In-House Contacts, click here.


Note: Greenhouse Software's policy is to not update permissions on behalf of users in Greenhouse, which means the Greenhouse Technical Support team isn't able to make edits to your user permissions.

As data in Greenhouse is owned by our customers, we provide the tools to administer the data on your own. This guarantees that all permission changes that happen within an organization are approved by the appropriate administrator on the customer’s side.