Limit offer letter templates by offices, departments, and employment types

Permissions: All permission users within specified product tiers

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

When you’re hiring for different offices and departments, and recruiting candidates with different employment types (full-time, contract workers, etc.), we know you need many unique offer templates for each use case.

In addition to Offices and Departments, you can also limit offer templates by Employment Types, giving you more control over which templates appear when generating a candidate offer. This ensures your team makes the right choice with ease. 

Configure offer templates

To begin, click the Configure icon Configure-icon.png in the upper right corner of the page and choose Offer Templates.


From the Offer Templates page, click Upload New to add a new template. If you want to modify an existing template, select or Edit Settings.


Name your template in the Template Name box. Then, select one or more Offices, Departments, and/or Employment Types under each category to designate where the offer letter template populates. 

Keep the All box checked if you'd like the offer letter to generate for all locations within a category. 


Note: You can add Offices or Departments under the Organization section of your Configure panel. Click here to learn more about adding new Offices and/or Departments.

Configuring your list of Employment Types can be managed under the Custom Options section of your Configure panel. From the Custom Options section, you can manage your Employment Types either under Jobs or Offers. Please keep in mind, the Jobs and Offers custom fields are linked, so any changes made to one custom field will update in both sections. To learn more about this process, visit our Support article, Add custom job field and Add custom offer field

After your selections are complete, click Browse to upload your offer template. 

Note: Offer templates can only be uploaded with the file type .docx.

Once the upload is complete, click Save Template.


You will be asked to test your template to ensure the tokens are configured correctly. Click, Test in-line with the recently uploaded template. 


A box will appear confirming all the tokens successfully applied to your new template. Click, Ok.


You will now see Verified for your new offer template. This indicates the upload and token verification were successful. 


Note: Any existing templates will be available for all Offices, Departments, and Employment Types until their settings are configured. 

Create an offer 

Once you’ve limited an offer template to your preferred Offices, Departments, or Employment Types, that template will only appear for offers that meet specific criteria when you creatie an offer

Example: If you limit an offer template to appear for engineering internship roles in San Francisco, that template will only appear when generating an offer for candidates matching those three selections. The template would not show up for engineering internship roles in New York or engineering full-time roles.