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How do I limit offer letter templates by Offices, Departments, and Employment Types?

This feature is available to Premium customers.

When you’re hiring for different offices and departments and recruiting candidates with different employment types (full-time, interns, contract workers, etc.), we know that you need many unique offer templates for each case.

In addition to Office and Department, you can also limit Offer Templates by Employment Type, giving you more control over which templates will appear when generating a candidate offer and making it easier for your team make the right selections.


  • Go to Configure > Offer Templates.
  • Click on the button ‘Upload New’ to add a new template or ‘Edit Settings’ on an existing template.


  • Select one or more Offices, Departments, and/or Employment Types to control where offer letter templates will appear. “All” for each category will be selected by default.


  • You can configure additional Offices or Departments by going to Configure > Organization. You can configure the list of Employment Types by going to Configure > Custom Options > Offers or Jobs and make edits to the Employment Type custom field. Tip: the Employment Type Offer and Job custom fields are linked, so any changes to one custom field will update the other and will be available on both Jobs and Offers.  

Note: Any existing templates will be available for all Offices, Departments, and Employment Types until you configure their settings.

Creating Offers 

Once you’ve limited an offer template to some Offices, Departments, or Employment Types, that template will only appear for offers that meet specific criteria.

For example, if you limit an offer template to only appear for San Francisco Engineering internship roles, that template will only appear when generating an offer to a candidate matching those three selections. This template would not show up for Engineering internship roles in New York or for San Francisco Engineering full-time roles.

  • When an offer template is limited to one or more Offices or Departments and you click Generate offer documents, the dropdown will only show templates relevant to that Job’s Office and Department.


  • To check or edit which Office(s) and Department(s) a Job belongs to, go to Job Setup > Job Info.


  • When an offer template is limited to one or more Employment Types and you click Generate offer documents, the dropdown will only show templates relevant to the Employment Type selected when creating the Candidate’s Offer.


  • To check or edit which Employment Type custom field has been selected, view or update the Candidate’s offer details.