Why aren't all tokens coming through on the offer letter?

When we see that tokens are not pulling the information in, it is typically because they are not being recognized as tokens. Tokens can hold residual formatting that is detected by our system and this can cause issues.

Please go to the original document, remove the token including the spaces before and after the token, and manually retype both the spaces and the token itself in the Offer Document. You can then save these updates to the document and upload this new document to Greenhouse and 'Test' the document. Ensure that all of the tokens you have input are checked off and are not missing from the list.

You then can try creating a new offer version for your candidate (by editing a field that will retrigger approvals) as this will allow you to regenerate offer documents and you can use this new offer template.




Applies-To: [Users with permissions to edit email templates and/or offer templates]
Keywords: [offers, tokens]